NV Seed

Sheng Ji (Living Tombs)

Nirvana Memorial Garden Semenyih

Starts from RM19,000

FREE Units of Golden Harvest Reward (GHR) valued at RM 40,000Ā 

NV Seed offers Sheng Ji installation services at Nirvana’s memorial parks, utilizing the parks’ excellent Feng Shui dynamics to create a tomb for a living person seeking to improve their life. Endorsed by renowned masters, Sheng Ji is a Feng Shui remedy that can enhance various aspects of life, such as fortune, career, health, family relations, and overall luck.

Sheng Ji Installation Process

A professional feng shui master will choose an auspicious day & time to bury an individualā€™s 7 (Seven) physical elements such as hair, blood, nails, personal clothings & others, together with the individualā€™s birth date & Bazi into selected burial plot. By utilizing the positive energy of the land, this practise can bring changes to the individualā€™s destiny & indirectly influence the fortunate of those around them, creating a positive magnetic field.

Process Steps :Ā 

  • GroundbreakingĀ 
  • Uncovering the longevity vault
  • Monument installation/5 (Five) Grains
  • Completion of Installation
  • Monument officiation ceremony

7 Key Benefits of Installing Sheng Ji

Promoting Longetivity

By improving health and promoting healing, the installation of Sheng Ji can help extend one's lifespan and achieve longevity.

Trigering Positive Energies

Sheng Ji can also trigger positive energies that strengthen the body and motivate the mind towards greater achievements and endeavors.

Changing Destiny

To remedy imperfections in one's Ba Zi, the installation of Sheng Ji can help alter the course of one's destiny.

Spurring Career Growth

Positive energies infused through the installation of Sheng Ji can bring about more opportunities and spur career and business growth.

Promoting Fertility & Wealth

Sheng Ji can help remedy fertility issues and financial problems, promoting conception and wealth.

Improving Human Relations & Luck

The installation of Sheng Ji can positively change human relations and improve overall luck, helping attract helpful people and fostering better relationships with family members.

Encouraging Meritorious Deeds

Sheng Ji is not a free ticket to better fortune, but rather encourages performing good deeds to bring about positive changes and luck in life.