Funeral Services

Nirvana's Peaceful Memorial Park

7 Pre-Planning Options for all religious background & budgets. Whether you’re Taoist, Buddhist, Christian, or have no religious affiliation, our plans cater to your needs and budget. Plus, we offer customisable options so you can add personal touches and ensure the perfect farewell for your loved one. Let us guide you through this difficult time with ease and compassion.

Nirvana Life Plans

Service Consultant for Funeral Ceremony

Our professionally trained team to consult, advise and support you on everything from pre-planning through funeral service to ensure a smooth experience and peace of mind for you and your family.

White Ladies

Nirvana's professional ladies-only team, featuring fenale furneral rites master, embalmer, mortuary make-up artist and MC to safeguard the dignity and honour of your loved one.

Embalming and Encoffinment

Our expert embalming techniques, meticulous body handling and exquisite enconffinment, we ensure the utmost care, respect, and dignity for your loved ones.

Procession Service

Designed to exude grandeur and sophistication, The Guardian is a luxurious hearse that pays the highest tribute and honour to your loved one on their journey to their final resting place.


Nirvana Café is a tranquil and compassionate establishment designed to provide solace and support for mourners attending funeral services.


Memorial Floral provides exquisite and personalized floral arrangements to honor and celebrate the lives of loved ones who have passed away.

Nirvana Life Plans

Customisable Packages to suit your needs.